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The true GOD

[Choose a verse; A key poetry with one hundred verses]



The Poet of all Poets


Lying the truth


In this sea of Yahwehs


Purple is the true


Pure man and pure woman


Love all and each sand grain


Devotion to Gaia


And we are all your children


The spirit of the planet


Women`s woman


Mother nature


Humble and shaft


To run four seasons


In this vast universe


Galaxies and infinite


The entire cosmos


And maybe


Just this small planet


Is there intelligent life


Oasis in space


Blue sphere in a desert


Space, sky, infinite


The ultimate love


Praise and worship


Simple love


The stars until the liquid iron


And passing by Jupiter


Eternal war


The sun warm us


Truly true


O Theos


The symbol


Heat, light and love


The green fields


The flowers in the garden


The lovers


Every human culture


From alpha to omega


The luck


The permission


Pure feeling


The real thrill


A rose in cellophane




The fireplace


Snow falling


An unforgettable kiss


A night on the beach


Fire in the sand


It is in the sky Orion


Praise pure love


Film and novel


The biggest cinemas


Stars and stars


Movie heaven love




Pure silver


The dark sky


Crying for the moonlight


The dark blue horizon


The clouds made ink


Sometimes starless


Sometimes one unique


Sometimes colored rays




Aurora borealis


The birth of the true


All golden


A path in the sea


The reign the solar system


High golden sea


Heaven worshiped


White waves


Azure sea




Deep and sincere


Sea waves


In the background is green


Bring light to illuminate


Green and colorful


Blue-green limit




The True is all and all is all


From the more distant star


Until the center of the earth


Hell and liquid iron


Pure faith




And I in the end


Turn light


Light to those who are


Turn water


A drop in the ocean


Turn clouds


Water evaporates


Turn ashes

I join GOD


In the eternal struggle



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