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Poe 003

In this sea of Yahwehs

Who to believe
A curvature of space time
The fifth dimension
Where time back
Where it is everywhere
Where at the same time is all
And it becomes all
Where am I anyone
Where I am any
I travel to infinity
Where I see out
What here rolls
Sea beliefs and superstitions
Sky naked stars
Silver Light
For gold is not
For the gold sun light
The Sun singles
The sun and stars
The moon and the stars
Damn never meet
God Sun Moon Goddess
Thousand stars
Who to believe
I lost my faith in the stars
Inconsistencies thousand
Day have Sun God
At night the Moon
The light my way
In search of truth
For thinking is as a hungry
The brain is hungry
Ideas images sounds
The stomach and sex also
But this can not be all
For I have legs to travel
Beyond the horizon
And find you

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