Poe 008

And we are all your children

Still remembering
Power daydreaming
An old man giving bread to pigeons
Tomorrow I do not know
Already I played to fly
I was hawk, wolf, lion
I lay on the hot ground
To try to look at the sun
I expected dusk
Just to count stars
One day grew beard
And I waited for the sun
To wash the big car
And waited dusk
To date my stars
And know what starlet
Move to a place of dream and pleasure
But in the age of Christ when he died
I felt the weight of the adult world
I despaired and cried
I asked for help and no one came
I met God in the desert
Only something that gave me strength
Even his son killed
I adopted to him
Came the age and understood my own father
Today I am idi, ego and super ego
Child, adult and old
I am complete now
God and Gaia foster child
And I have eight billion brothers and sisters
To discover his three selves
Perhaps more than I
And feel child
Before all the know