Poe 010

Women's woman

Everything is beauty
Insatiable quest
The poetry of poetry
It would be enough for all
All are asked about beauty
Comparatios with sunshine
Pleonasm weird exaggerations 
Analysis and detail of your life
Allusions to the hidden divinity in his veins
Review about being critical at a critical time
Theses on the importance of what you have inside
Ordination of a chaotic world of serious trifles
Descriptions of this world where nothing is probable and palpable
Orgasms in places where men and future medicine ever been before
Intrigues and most amazing novels that really would be the ruin of many
Competitions where the loser is the winner of eternal debt fought victory
Complications that require work and study stocks to be solved at all that
Revolt of the losers in this game forgotten by them between cries and tears
Pure fantasy explanations of her smile hiding wishes
Achievements of a lost war with you time
Heartfelt joy to see the secret friend get
Experiences of lives ever had or will have
Hallucinations about the reason to exist
Always just and good company
Unconditional love to all
Hopes of ultimate
Find a green motif
Coloror gray world
Be happy forever
Delighted with all
The reason for living
Live to live