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Poe 013

To run the four seasons

Nothing changed
Our idols are still the same
Rock and roll
And nothing has changed
The four Seasons
Summer love
Hate winter
Guilts in autumn
Forgiveness spring
And nothing has changed
What is the phrase that has never been said
The poet did not die
Accidents thousand
Death in the darkness of the human soul
Every day dying day
When you see the world as it is
Imperfect simplifying simple
Im per to curse
Imperfection to see the four seasons
And another year is gone
Waiting for the spring of my life
Much has happened and nothing explains
Not everything was good
And that's just one more season
A being so perfect hears
And I live thinking in vain
Not create it the way it is
The serpent and its story
The apple in the mouth of the victim
We all are
They drove the four seasons
And nothing has changed

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