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Poe 015

Galaxies and infinite

An infinite words
Just to describe a scrawl
A scrawl
Which means an infinite
Eight times eight
Two zeros or two oo
The all and his master
Crossroad maze trap
Cicle infinite
A zero 0
Another zero 0
A etc ... is also an infinite
A double zero simple means
The mathematics of life
1 and 1 is 11 or 2
We are two in doubt
The explain anything all
We are the middle
The medium exists to understand the Medium
Something is beginning
And if you do not start
Something is the end
And if you have no end
The electron to an entire planet
Core proton to a star
We are the medium and the medium
A middle of the universe to understand Yourself
And all this we party we belong
Little big man
The surrender to the universe
Music and symphony

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