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Poe 027

The stars until the liquid iron

The travel trip

The more distant star

To hell

For you I came

Because I saw you cry

In solitude

The crowd

Wanting someone to love

Company to give

And other worlds passed

A straight line as the light

Waiting your world find

But when stop dreaming

I can not find words to continue

For when for dreaming

A world less will remain

And I can not find you

Solve eternalize

As a glow seen her look

And I fell without stopping

Only to find you

And for the hell of their world was

For those who love to go there

Who loves wants to do

And do not give up even if you suffer

It's for you

With a thousand demons fought

And I won the smile

And you tell me

Grateful love

Ended hell

Come you higher

And kiss me like never

For without hell

You'll never need

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