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Poe 030

The sun warms us

A dark night

This road

This walk

On a clear morning

The unwavering truth

It is the sun in the face

After spending too cold


It's like having someone to love

And every morning there will be

With heat and light to give

Without anything in return want

Or even bored

The truth made important

A pure point of view

As the music

Sin is not sin

Sun in the face after the dark night

Proof of it all

More after the shadows of the sun

And again the night to fall

And feel chill

A breeze caressing

And in the darkness dive

But with the certainty

To see the sun shine

In his heat to enjoy life

Until further heatstroke reach

And for the night to push me

For all things are even

What was the fault is no longer

Natural feathers

Love the sun after dark

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