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Poe 001

The Poet of all Poets

The waves of a winter
The Seagull lost a feather
A feather that came from the sky
God took pity Poet
Decades on the road
The poet won a feather
Pity today is serving
And give a feather
Not worth a feather
Feather Eternities
To lapidary a book
Which is never perfect
Sure diamonds are stones
Asking Lapidary
A book is an empty
Asking ink and pen
Lapidary books bad idea
Using pen
Make running a river
River of words
Arriving to the sea
As surely as love is perfect
All the water that flows
At sea's reach
As love has to be
Unerring certainty
And up the sky
Full of stars
The contemplate water
Love that ran rivers
And your destination reached
Stars contemplating loves
Past and future
This passed
The future already present
This is the real gift

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