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Poe 002

Lying the truth

Green truths

Photographer in the studio
A great challenge
Photographing God
So search a watercolor
So search a screen
Then seeks a Painter
Frames the scene
Takes the picture
Everything is the screen
The watercolor events
God painter
The photographer and the painter
The great challenge
And the poet did this poetry
For without poetry
The screen is screen
The watercolor is gray
And the painter would not come
And would not a photo shoot
The photographer would not exist
And God would be no photo
And all without poetry
For perhaps God is pure poetry
In a world full of ashes
Where people stop to look
Look and agreed dream
With the day everything will color
The day that we know paint
A better world
And gray not complain
For this world is like that
And the God we see a screen
Wanting to get there

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