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Poe 007

Devotion to Gaia

Beautiful and violent

Only God calms her down

Earth, fire, air and water
Clay and sculptures
Bodies and souls
The beauty of the spirit
Flower and his vase
Each vase a story
Each flower has stories
The perfuming the environment
Land our strength
Head down tree
Animal protest
Always restless
The heat from the warm-blooded
Children of Gaia
The brightness and firmness of stones
Gaia Product
Mineral, vegetable and animal
The spirit of the planet
And your humble inhabitant
Human being
Think and there
Live isolating nature
Destroy all humbly
Need Gaia
Cries for Gaia
Finish with Gaia
The silent symphony
A starry night
The warmth of the sun on his face
The golden sandy beach
All things of the past
Photographs of a happy time
Where everything was Gaia

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